Story originally appeared on Diamond Resorts.

Travel Tips

Frequent travelers know that packing light while flying can translate into hundreds of dollars saved and less overall stress. For a family of four, opting to travel with only carry-on only for weekend vacations could mean saving more than $250 in checked bag fees. You’ll also have less to fret about by eliminating the possibility of lost luggage. And peace of mind is a priceless commodity, especially on travel days.

But packing light doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice creature comforts for the sake of saving money. Simple travel hacks like using the empty space in your sneakers to pack fragile items, experimenting with packing techniques like rolling vs. folding and wearing your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane can help you master the art of the carry-on.

Here are a few easy tricks for packing carry-on only even when there are kids, teenagers and pets in the mix.